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Vinibelle was created from a personal experience of mine. I’m getting ready to graduate college and as we all know, that is the moment when all our friends start to marry and want you to be a bridesmaid.

My best friend was getting ready to be married and came to me asking advice as to where to get her bridesmaid dresses. She felt bad that we would have to spend money on a dress that we will only use once in our lives. I thought of a friend I made while I studied abroad in China, Tom. Tom has been in the industry of clothes manufacturing for over ten years and has great connections regarding finding great quality dresses.

Tom showed me a factory where they produce dresses for designer brands and explained that they are produced for a low cost and sold three times more. Tom helped my best friend get some beautiful bridesmaid dresses similar to the name brand ones she wanted, and they only costed a fraction of the price! The quality on them is the same than what she would have purchased anywhere else. Tom and I decided we would open a business together to help other women get affordable and beautiful dresses for a lower price. We have partnered with the same factory and have started our own line of wedding, bridesmaid, flower girl and mother of the bride and groom dresses.

Vinibelle is all about providing you with a high-quality dress, for a fraction of the price. We guarantee that our dresses are just as great than any designer dress out there. Why pay more for a dress that you will likely only wear once? We encourage you to purchase a dress, and if you are not happy, you may send it back and receive a full refund. We also make sure to have our professional seamstresses review each garment before it is shipped out. They take the time to check that the sizing is correct, the seams are sewn correctly and any detailing is flawless. While we have full confidence in our factory, we want to verify you are getting the best product that we have available.

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